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Coin Capital’s mission is to help facilitate the transition from the centralized systems of the Industrial Era to the decentralized systems of the Digital Era.

Decentralized systems allow for more experimentation and innovation, which leads to wealth creation and human advancement.

The legacy financial system is overdue for an overhaul. Blockchain technology will bring about open competition in areas that have been closed off to innovation for decades.

This transition will dramatically revolutionize the global financial system.

Jeff Nabers, Managing Partner

Jeff is a serial entrepreneur focused on innovating finance. He’s the creator of Solo401k.com and co-pioneered the decentralization of alternative asset custody of self directed retirement plans.

He built a mortgage company starting in 2002 and invested his business profits into real estate. In 2006, he sold his mortgage company and real estate portfolio. He then warned others of a coming crisis in stocks and real estate.

By the time the bubble popped, Jeff was positioned in cash and precious metals.

Years later, he observed strange behavior in gold and silver prices. Suspicions of gold supply data manipulations led to Jeff’s investment in Bitcoin in April 2013.

His unique understanding of technology, psychology and economics enables superior risk management.

Jeff is a self-taught polymath and has been building computer programs and web pages since 1993 at the age of eleven.

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